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Bond Collective

23 Feb Bond Collective

The Bond Collective is a co-working space like none other. Our curated furniture collections coupled with our amenities and our superior lay-outs lend themselves to mature companies with multiple employees...

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13 Nov WaiveCar

We believe there are more efficient ways for communities to benefit from transportation that will also benefit our future. Our contribution is WaiveCar, a revolutionary car-sharing program that connects users...

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16 Sep Lucy

Building on a dream to replace email with something way better....

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14 Jul Techstars Ventures

Techstars Ventures has $265M under management and is currently investing out of their third fund ($150M). Alongside the VC and Angel communities, they co-invest in companies built by Techstars accelerator companies and...

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13 Jul Juno

Take a ride in Juno, and ride sharing app, that Drivers love, because unlike the competition, Juno only charges its drivers 10%...

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13 Jul GoldLasso

Make Your Email Advertising Reach Peak Performance Banner and display ads are dead! Introducing native advertising for email. A new way for advertisers to get unprecedented performance from email, and media...

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