Gideon's founding partners are members of the Shehebar family. Arriving in the US with limited resources, the family went on to build one of the largest privately held retail chain stores, The Rainbow Shops. Gideon's investment platform continues the family business traditions of hard work, honesty, focus and acknowledging G-ds help from above while we work to achieve success in all of our business dealings. Gideon, as written in the scriptures, was a peasant who achieved miraculous military success against his countries adversaries. Although we are not facing adversaries as faced by Gideon so many years ago, we are hoping to achieve the same successful results in all of our investments, please G-d.


Gideon takes a long-term approach to its investments whether within the Real Estate acquisitions platform or within our Venture Capital investment arm. When it comes to our real estate acquisitions, we seek properties in urban and dense areas, specifically properties that are important to its immediate surrounding and which will hold its value and keep its occupancy within a long term cycle. We seek cash flowing properties or properties that will enjoy upside in cash flow from improvements or contractual increases from the current tenancy. We also seek to acquire Student Housing, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, and Health Care properties in such areas.Our Venture arm focuses on investing in start-up companies with truly disruptive products/business plans. We seek companies that we can add value to through our investment expertise, contacts, and experience to help grow the company.


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